Living Life -After the fall August 30, 2022

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Living Life -After the fall                 August 30, 2022

Hello blog peeps!  Welcome to or back to my blog posts.  Been a minute but I thought my crazy summer might be a good start.  Check out all the info below, it’s in three posts.  If you like it, leave a like in the comments. Or what you’d like to say.  Only positivity please!

I plan to start my weekly blogs again soon.  My take on whatever!  Stay tuned for more info!  Thanks again and happy reading!



July 15th started out with my usual morning routine.  I had just finished my three mile walk and was on the way home to get ready for my hair appointment with the wizard!  I heard my friend’s dog barking and I went by her house to say hello instead of heading straight home. Funny how one little change of plans can impact your life so greatly. But I digress.  I walked by the back porch and he wasn’t outside.  There is where change wasn’t a good thing.  Normally I’d go to the left and home. That day I decided to go to the right and say hi around the front of the house.  He wasn’t out so I said hi and bye to him inside and off I went down the driveway.  Second change, I always look down to walk or run. This time I did not and as I stepped down, at the end of the driveway where it meets the road, I hit a little depression or hole and I tumbled to the ground.  Hard. I landed on the road on my right side flat out.  That was painful.  My right hand stopped me from crashing my head on the ground but as I fell on that side, my right leg splayed open all the way to the right.  Yikes.  I sat there a minute or two in shock.  It was 8:15 am and not one person had heard me scream out.  But who was listening for me?  😉 Luckily I was able to get myself up slowly and limp home, which was two blocks away.

Once I was home, I had to get ready for my hair appointment at 9 am, priorities, so I put some ice on my inner right thigh muscle for 20 minutes.  Helped a bit but I was pretty shaken up literally and emotionally.  I had never really fallen so hard ever.  I’ve had the normal spills, got up and was on my way. This fall was different and it would show me that as the days went on.

Off I went to get my  hair magic and share my tale of the fall.  After that, I headed out on my usual three store food shopping weekly extravaganza.  Because I was taking care of my mom, I had to shop at specific times.  During the pandemic I would shop everything early one morning a week to save time and being exposed to Covid for myself and my mom.  I like getting it all done early and in a few hours so I kept that routine even after she passed. xo  I hit the big three-Adams, ShopRite and the wrap-up at Walmart that day.  Didn’t feel horrible at the time but as you may know, muscles take a few days to give you that intense searing pain of a sprain.

I’m in pretty good shape and considering my turns around the sun, have taken good care of this body.  I keep myself physically fit and mostly healthy.  All vegan.  I’ve never smoked and limit alcohol.  I exercise 2.5 hours a day – cardio and yoga. So in my mind this was a blip in the day.  The next evening I went to a birthday party , limped around but nothing horrific.  Sunday I tripped on my dog, which is a pretty usual experience, but this time the pain was intense from the sprained thigh muscle.  By Monday the pain started to fire up and I had difficulty walking. I had been using ice on the leg as per the instructions everywhere.  After two days use heat and or ice if you like it. That was a mistake.  More on that later.

Tuesday, I was walking my dog Kookie very gingerly, slowly and with an actual stick to help me walk.  My friend saw me, as he was walking the doggie I was going to say hi to,  and said he had a walking stick I could borrow instead of the tree branch I was using.  I said sure and about 15 minutes later, I was home, and he dropped off this beautiful, swirled light wood walking stick to use as I needed.  How kind was that?  I told another  friend about it and she asked what a walking stick was.  I sent her a picture and later that day I received a text I would be getting a delivery from Amazon the next day.  What?  Yup, she got me a beautiful pine walking stick.  I am blessed for the people around me.  I got it on Wednesday and it’s been a lifesaver from that day forward.

Stay tuned for Part 2……………………….



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