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Welcome to Kimz Kreationz!

I love to use my creative ability to design products which bring you happiness.  Check out my items current and coming soon below!


****Coming soon ****       Silverware jewelry

New designs made from silver and stainless spoons, forks, knives and serving pieces

Spoon rings, fork rings, bracelets, necklaces and more to come!  Keep your eyes open to this page for updates in September 2021!


***Flash Sale***

This upcycled jean purse is made from 100% denim jeans with a leopard print.  The bag is lined with 100% cotton fleece paw print.  One of a kind on sale for:

$10, plus shipping.  Email me (listed below) to order this fun purse for yourself or a gift.



Whether shopping or carrying essentials, my totes can handle it! Use it for grocery or farmer’s market shopping, carry work supplies and or your laptop or tablet, an overnight bag, school supplies, a beach bag and for just about anything you can carry in a tote! And they make great gifts!  My totes are functional and pretty.  They come in a large size, 16 X 20″ or custom designed to your needs.   New, fun patterns always available! Make your day a little brighter with one of my custom made totes!

The totes are made with cotton, cotton, blends and 100% treated indoor/outdoor polyester. Spot clean with water based agent, air dry for polyester and machine wash cold, air dry for the cotton based bags!

All totes 16 X 20″    $50  Custom totes sizes available upon request  $50   

FREE Shipping on this order!


The cammo tote

The flamingo tote

The universe tote

The tropical parrot tote

The spring blooms tote

The mermaid tote, last two!. Grab it while you can!

The Bobby tote! Specialty tote $60

Fun story about this tote, I made a vintage men’s apron for Bobby Sherman from this material a few years ago. For those who may not remember, Bobby was a teen idol in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Wonderful human being,  He  became and EMT and Police Officer in California years later. I met him at a Revlon RunWalk Event he was working. Could not have been nicer and still had those beautiful baby blue eyes!  Made from extra heavy material inside and, this tote is one and done


Memory Pillows

I make them from your loved one’s clothing or any material you choose. They come in the regular pillow stock size of 16X16 inches or custom to your size up to 16X16 inches. I can also custom design items from your loved ones clothing such as pillow cases or redesign clothing. Please feel free to email me any questions and ideas. Keep your loved ones with you once again.

$50, FREE shipping on this order

*Stuffed with washable poly fiberfill, allow to air dry.



My jeanpak is fun way to wear jeans without worrying if they fit! 😉 I upcycle jeans into my custom designed backpack. They’re a perfect size for a wallet , phone, small tablet, book, water or whatever you choose! Email me at for pricing and to order! This is a custom item.  I do personalized jeanpaks with your jeans but I will need two pair!

15” long x 9 wide x 4” deep. Zipper closure. $40  Free shipping! The jeanpaks are made from upcyled jeans which are typically 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Machine wash warm and tumble dry. $40, FREE shipping



Vintage Aprons

Vintage aprons are $35 each, FREE shipping.  I’m always “kreating” my vintage aprons so if you’re looking for a particular pattern or just an apron, please contact me at the email address below and I’ll make one or two just for you! Seasonal patterns or whatever hits your fancy!


Tropical pattern available


Questions on any of my items or an idea?  Email me!

There’s always something new and creative at Kimz Kreationz!  I am still upcycling and painting furniture. Contact me with your ideas!

For more information and to order, please email me at 

Thanks for stopping by!





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