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I love to use my creative ability to design products which bring you happiness.  Check out my items current and coming soon below!  All my creations make great gifts for yourself, loved ones and friends!  Check out the options below and email me with requests.



Whether shopping or carrying essentials, my totes can handle it! Use it for grocery or farmer’s market shopping, carry work supplies and or your laptop or tablet, an overnight bag, school supplies, a beach bag and for just about anything you can carry in a tote! And they make great gifts!  My totes are functional and look great!  They come in a large size, 16 X 20″.   Make your day a little brighter with one of my custom designed totes! What’s available now:

Pink Flamingo $50

Mermaid  $50


The totes are made with cotton, cotton, blends and 100% treated indoor/outdoor polyester. Spot clean with water based agent, air dry for polyester and machine wash cold, air dry for the cotton based bags!

All totes 16 X 20″    $50  Custom totes sizes available upon request  $50   FREE Shipping on this order!

**If you are ordering the watermelon tote, please email me your info.  I will contact you with the details! **

Infinity Scarf!  One continuous circle of fun!  I make  yours custom with available patterns and colors. This scarf is 100% cotton!  Machine wash & dry!

$25 each, $5 shipping.   

Custom vintage aprons!  These aprons have been best sellers for me for years!  Many of my customers order more than one!  They make great gifts for you, your family and friends!  I’m always “kreating” aprons so if you’re looking for a particular pattern or just an apron, please contact me at the email address below and I’ll make one or two just for you!

Aprons $35 each, $5 shipping each package–3 aprons for $100!  Please email me with any questions or your order!  🙂  100% cotton, machine wash & dry!

this pattern sold out!


**All knitted items are closed out for the season!  See you in September! ***

Handknit wristlets!   The wristlets are each custom made for you.  They are 7 inches wide and 9 inches long and a great way to keep your hands and wrist toasty without entangling your fingers. (These are for women’s hands.  I’m working on a men’s wristlet in the next week)  Available colors right now are sage green, white, multi color and soon black. These are made to order so there is no extra stock.  Please email me with any questions and to order.

Wristlets $20 each, $5 shipping

Custom knitted scarves!  All hand knit.  All colors are not always available so it can be my choice for you or we can see what I can knit for you!

Scarves $35 each, $5 shipping each package.   Please email with any questions and orders!

Stuffed trees!  Whether for the holidays or any day, my stuffed fabric trees are a fun way to celebrate!  Choose your colors or let me make the decision.  All have little jingle bells!

Stuffed Trees  $35 each, $5 shipping


Memory Items


I make them from your loved one’s clothing or any material you choose. They come in the regular pillow stock size of 16X16 inches or custom to your size up to 16X16 inches. I can also custom design items from your loved ones clothing such as pillow cases or redesign clothing. Please feel free to email me any questions and ideas. Keep your loved ones with you once again.

$50, FREE shipping on this order

*Stuffed with washable poly fiberfill, allow to air dry.

Memory pillowcases from your loved ones shirts, need two $50 free shipping

The custom detail on this pillow case are the buttons and button holes from the original shirt.  They close at the top of the case just like the shirt they were designed from.  I left the fold in the back of the shirt reminiscent of the original shirt. A great gift for yourself or a loved one!

Memory clothing from your loved ones.  I made a beach cover from a friend’s husband’s shirt.  Email me about what we can create for you!  $50 free shipping


Questions on any of my items or an idea?  Email me!

There’s always something new and creative at Kimz Kreationz!  I am still upcycling and painting furniture. Contact me with your ideas!

For more information and to order, please email me at 

Thanks for stopping by!





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