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Welcome to Happy Heart Aromatherapy! I am a student of Aromatherapy and certified in Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Body butters and lip balms, and essential oils.  I am happy to share my products with you and continue to add new products and recipes.  

All my products are made with natural ingredients that include: organic beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, fresh flowers and pure, natural essential oils.  They have a one year from purchase shelf life.  

My available products are shown below with their prices.   Shipping is an additional cost to the prices listed.  Click the Contact me button to order and for more info.  Ingredients list available upon request.  Check back often because I’m always coming with something new and different recipe blends!  

I am thrilled to be able to share another of my holistic health passions and I hope to hear from everyone! I make gift baskets of all the products as well.  Thanks for stopping by and I wish all a scentsational day! 🙂


Body Balms made with organic beeswax, natural oils and pure essentials oils or not. My most requested scents are lavender, tangerine, and lemon peppermint.  All are available in your favorite scent or unscented in three silky smooth sizes:

happy heart aromatherapy body balms pic         4 oz $22, 2 oz $10, 1.5 oz $7

Hand creams made with organic beeswax, natural oils and pure essential oils come in a nighttime scented jasmine-lavender cream, tangerine-grapefruit day and unscented.  This is the 1 oz size,  perfect for a purse, backpack or pocket.  They do come in the 2 oz and 4 oz size as well.

happy heart aromatherapy hand creams pic         1.5 oz $7, 2 oz $10, 4 oz $22

Lip Balm made with organic beeswax, natural oils and pure essential oils comes in a tangerine-peppermint or tangerine lime flavor.  As many citrus essential oils are phototoxic due to their processing methods-meaning they can burn the skin when exposed directly in the sun-I only use these oils which are processed without photoxicity -tangerine, lime, peppermint and unscented  are the available scents.

happy heart aromatherapy lip balm pic      .25 ounce $8

Puppy Pom, is a beeswax based product to rub on the pup’s paws after running in winter’s harsh  ice and salt and any other grit on the street.  The natural oils are smooth on rough paw pads.  No essential oils in this product, it can be used for all size dogs, large and small. Two sizes available, 2 oz and 4 oz.  The pup in the picture is my girl Kookie, small size.

happy heart aromatherapy puppy pom Kookie pic                                 2 oz $12, 4 oz $22


Dandelion body balms are made with fresh dandelions processed with pure avocado oil and organic beeswax.  These balms come unscented to leave the full  powers of the dandelion flower to shine through! This is a seasonal product that will be available as long as we have dandelions. Typically March – September.  I use the expired flowers as not to interfere with the bee’s food supply!  Always thinking green! Custom order so grab yours today!


1.5 oz $11, 2 oz $15, 4 oz $25

Soothing skin balm is a specialty body balm designed to rub on contracting or painful muscles.  It’s made with pure lemongrass and peppermint essentials oil in a base of organic beeswax, avocado and coconut oil.  Available in two sizes, a travel (shown) and 2 ounce container.

  .50 oz $8, 1 oz. $15

Rose water face spritz – Distilled water infused with pure rose water oil makes for a fresh feeling and smelling face spritz.  Rose is said to bring out the feeling of love and contentment as well as making your face smile with a spritz!  Try a spritz and see for yourself!

    2 oz spray bottle, $10,,local delivery only $5.

Scented spritzers!   My water based products are light and fresh just like summer all year long!  Each one is made with distilled water, pure, natural essential oils and one with vodka!   My natural air freshener, hair spritz, room/linen spray and bug repellent spray all do their jobs with a wonderful scent(s).  The bug repellent spray contains essential oils that do not get along with many of our local buggy pests.  All my water based products are only available locally due to their shorter shelf life and chance of breakage in mailing.  No charge for delivery if within 5 miles or pick up yourself!  Contact me for an ingredient list for each water-based product.

2 oz. spray bottle, $10 each. Local delivery is free within 5 miles or pickup.  $5 delivery charge over 5 miles within the area. 🙂  Local delivery only

Yoga Mat Spritz. Enhance your yoga practice with your favorite scents before you hit the mat. A quick spritz of my calming, uplifting or yoga glow blends on or around your mat may be just what you need to calm your mind.  A final spritz right before savasana or after you close your practice keeps it peaceful as you reenter back into the world.    I offer three blended spritzs-calming featuring lavender, uplifting featuring orange and yoga glow featuring frankincense. Choose your favorite or ask about making your own.  Namaste.

   1 oz spray spritz bottle, $8, 2 0z $15  (local delivery and pickup only due to high water content).

Balsam Fir Natural Salve.  Balsam fir with a hint of tangerine is a great way to smooth on achy muscles.  Got a sniffle?  Take a sniff  and wake up those senses! Made with organic beeswax, organic coconut oil and pure essential oils of balsam fir and tangerine.  It’s silky smooth to slather on and you feel like you’re in a pine and citrus forest!  This is the 2 oz size, all sizes and prices listed below.   Shipping is additional.   Contact me to order and for more info!


  1.5 oz $7, 2 oz $10, 4 oz $22

Echinacea  or red clover lavender body balm, lip balm with a hint of peppermint.  Feels great on this skin and smells fresh and clean.  Available seasonally from May – September.

  1.5 oz $7, 2 oz. $10, 4 oz. $22

I do make custom water-based personal and home cleaning aromatherapy products that are only available for sale locally with pure essential oils, fair trade Castille soap and other natural products–never any chemicals or additives.  These include foaming hand soap, bathroom and kitchen natural counter and surface cleaners as well as appliances.   Please request a copy of my product ingredient list for more info on those items.

If you would like to purchase any of my products, have an idea of one to create or have any questions, please go to my Contact me page and let me know! My body balms can be customized to your favorite scent or scents. 

Let the scent of nature bring you joy!






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