I am dedicated to increasing my knowledge, experience and exposure into the world of holistic health.  These are the certifications I have completed to date; there is always one in progress!

Certified Health Coach – Dr. Sears Wellness Institute-Families, Adults & Seniors, Pregnancy; Online teaching Adults & Seniors & Families

Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist (weight loss coach), Personal Fitness Chef, Certified Sleep Science Coach, NESTA/Spencer Institute

Aerobics-group exercise instructor, Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Trainer, Senior Fitness Trainer, Sport Yoga Instructor

Certified in the use of Herbs and Supplements – Expert Level

Doula -emotional and spiritual guidance during pregnancy

Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Body Balms & Butter,  Introduction to Essential Oils – Aromahead Institute

Beauty Therapist -facials,  makeup, tanning, waxing and skin care

Fairyologist – Tarot Card reader

Certified in Aromatherapy – The use and application of essentials oil in a holistic lifestyle

Women’s Fitness Instruction – fitness training for women from age 5 to 65+according to the women’s needs and goals

Natural Holistic Remedies Certification -herbalist study

Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification

Botanical remedies for Pets Certification

Raw Foods Recipes and Cooking Certification

Nutritional Therapy – 30 Plant Foods to Repair DNA & Nutrigenomics Course Completion

Organic Gardening Certification – study of organic gardening methods and ideas

Holistic Fitness Certification – using a holistic approach to workouts

Boost Your Metabolism Certification – learning how to boost your metabolism towards better health through diet and exercise

Senior Exercise Certification – using safe and easy methods to work with seniors (65+) towards living a healthier, fit lifestyle

Please go to my Contact Me page to set up all sessions for health coaching, personal fitness chef classes or any of my certification sessions.


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