I am dedicated to increasing my knowledge, experience and exposure into the world of holistic health.  These are the certifications I have completed to date; there is always one in progress!

Certified Health Coach – Dr. Sears Wellness Institute-Family Wellness, Adults & Seniors, Pregnancy and Nursing Moms; Online course– Adults & Seniors & Family & Wellness, Corporate Wellness, Individual sessions, Group or Club Presentations

Online Heath & Wellness Coaching Workshop Instructor-Family Wellness; Adults & Seniors

Certified Vegan Nutrition Health Coach (Udemy studies) – Health coaching for those interested in a more plant based diet.

Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist (weight loss coach), Personal Fitness Chef, NESTA/Spencer Institute

Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Trainer, Senior Fitness Trainer, Sport Yoga Instructor, Sports Nutrition, Boot-camp Training Instructor

Women’s Fitness Instruction – fitness training for women from age 5 to 65+according to the women’s needs and goals

Holistic Fitness Certification – using a holistic approach to workouts

Senior Exercise Certification – using safe and easy methods to work with seniors (65+) towards living a healthier, fit lifestyle

Mind Body Fitness Coach, Certifiede

Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant (

Raw Foods Recipes and Cooking Certification

Nutritional Therapy – 30 Plant Foods to Repair DNA & Nutrigenomics Course Completion

Boost Your Metabolism Certification – learning how to boost your metabolism towards better health through diet and exercise

Nutrition for all-children, adults & seniors-intl. diploma

Natural Holistic Remedies Certification -herbalist study

Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Remedies Certification

Certified in the use of Herbs and Supplements – Expert Level

Master Herbalist

Botanical remedies for Pets Certification

Organic Gardening Certification – study of organic gardening methods and ideas

Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Body Balms & Butter,  Introduction to Essential Oils – Aromahead Institute

Certified in Aromatherapy – The use and application of essentials oil in a holistic lifestyle

Beauty Therapist -facials,  makeup, tanning, waxing and skin care

Certified Barbicide COVID 19 for the Professional Beauty Industry  5/12/20

Doula -emotional and spiritual guidance during pregnancy

Fairyologist – Tarot Card reader

Reiki Attunement – Level 1


Online Courses:

-Living Well With Dementia

-Living Well As Dementia Progresses

-Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dememtia

Please go to my Contact Me page to set up all sessions for health coaching, personal fitness chef classes or any of my certification sessions or with any questions.


Coach Kim



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