Living Life July 21, 2022

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Living Life July 21, 2022

Happy day, or night, to you! It’s been a minute since my last blog.  The Pandemic rose and fell,  Zoom became the new at work, masks came and went.  For now anyway.

The one constant in all this change is your health.  That should always remain paramount in your life.  Remember you can’t help anyone else in your life if you can’t help yourself.

Today is kind of a special day for me….it’s my seven year anniversary of becoming a Certified Health &Wellness Coach!. Thank you to the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute for your guidance, support and never ending information on my coaching practices!

I started with this first certification and now have 42 certs and always one or two pending.  I have been lucky to have worked with great clients, friends and family these past seven years and I’ve learned so much.  In that time I went from a Pescatarian, to Vegetarian to Vegan. I am now fully plant based and added plant based fitness chef and Vegan Nutrition Health Coach to my certifications.  Putting my real life experience and lifestyle into all my practices keeps me sharp and cutting edge in the health world.

I am working on updating some programs and hoping for a fall return.  Keep you eyes open to my Facebook page Kim Gerhardt Health & Wellness Coach or email me here for more info.

Here’s to a healthy Summer!  See you soon!


Coach Kim



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