The Healthy Habit – Eat the Season July 7-23-19

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The Healthy Habit – Eat the Season July  7-23-19


Here we are jammin through summer almost to the end of July!  And with summer comes fresh fruits and veggies readily available at farmer’s  markets, the food store and your garden!  Here’s a list of what’s around right now :

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with raw foods if you haven’t tried it!  A salad is raw!  Think about it – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, greens, beans, fruits, whatever you put in there is usually uncooked.  Make it yours with your favorites.  Add some cooked beans or whole grains for more of a complex carb power punch-but no longer raw!  😉

Our bodies crave what we feed them.  It’s called Wisdom of the Body.  If we feed it junk food, it’s going to crave that junky carb stuff that can wreck havoc inside or bodies.  By eating a more whole, pure food diet, your body will begin to crave those foods and use them so much more efficiently.

If you’d like to learn how to eat the seasons and start living a healthier life contact me and sign up for one of my workshop programs.  Healthy choices for a healthy life is a great beginning program that teaches you how to choose, shop and prepare foods in a healthier way.  Visit my page here for more info

Here’s to a continued healthy and happy summer!

Coach Kim

Certified Raw Foods Recipes and Cooking

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Vegan Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Nutrition for all (child – senior)

Certified Personal Fitness Chef


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