The Healthy Habit…Eat the Season — June 17th 2019

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The Healthy Habit…Eat the Season — June 17th 2019


As you may or may not know, eating foods in their season gives us the benefit of top flavor and high nutrient value.   By eating what’s in season you know you’re getting the freshest, tastiest and most nutrient dense food possible!

According to some scientists and researchers, eating food in season is best for our health and the environment.  The nutrient value of foods change as it gets older.  It’s also beneficial to eat locally grown foods as they are at the peak of freshness and have had little or no time being shipped to you.  Farmer’s markets are brimming now with all kinds of fruits and veggies just waiting for your delicious meals.  If you’re a gardener like me, you’ve planted the seeds and are starting to see the flowers peek out from the plants.  What a feeling!  Buying and growing organic foods ensures we are not consuming chemicals from pesticides or fertilizer.  The foods don’t have to be wrapped in plastic or coated in wax to keep the looking fresh-they are fresh!  The smell is intoxicating and the taste beyond compare.

I am fortunate to live near a farm store year round. I am thrilled to find veggies with dirt clinging meaning it was recently harvested.  Now all the local farms are sending in fruits and veggies for all our main or side dish needs.  With so many options out there, you’ve got a season of good fruits and veggies to start trying now! The herbs are also starting to come in as well and are great as a topping or a salad on their own!

Here’s  list of seasonal produce ready and waiting for you in June in the metro area.  Fill in your home spot to update to what’s around you!  🙂

Looking for a quick, raw salad this June?  Try some fresh arugula, pea shoots, tomatoes, strawberries, grated beets, and mushroom in a bowl, mix your fave vinegar and healthy oil and shake!  Enjoy.  Or mix and match.  So many delicious fresh fruit and veggie choices.

If you’d like more information on seasonal eating, making more informed veggie and fruit choices or to set up your personalized coaching program, contact me today.  🙂

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