Client Testimonials


“I have enjoyed the PrimeTime Health program over the last 6 weeks, plus having such a
knowledgeable Health Coach as Kim along with the tremendous support
system, has made this a wonderful experience. I have learned so much about
healthier choices as well as the good vs the bad ingredients in food.  I will use
my new found knowledge going forward and these tools in my everyday life.
Thank you.  Judy A”

“I was a little apprehensive when I started the PrimeTime Health workshops because I wanted to eat and live healthier than I have been and it seemed so much to learn .  Coach Kim made it easy for me to understand the six-week program and the content, and whenever I had a question she answered me with a positive attitude. I am very happy with  my results and look forward to continue working with Coach Kim”  Grace E.

“My learning experience with Coach Kim has been great.  At first I didn’t believe grazing would actually work for me.  Over the weeks as I began to eat healthier and graze, I started to lose weight!  I thank Coach Kim for guiding me to stick with the program and teaching me how to eat the right foods to feel and be healthier. ”  Christine G.




These testimonials are the opinion of the person posting and do not reflect the opinion of the general public. 

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