Let’s Get Cookin…Peppers-eat the rainbow!…6-28-18

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Let’s Get Cookin…Peppers-eat the rainbow!…6-28-18

Summer is here and so are the farmer’s markets and soon to be bountiful home gardens!  Peppers are a great summer treat not only in taste but also in nutrients.  The bell pepper is a tasty treat but it also may help you fight quite a few ailments from a common cold to certain types of cancers.

Bell peppers come in the rainbow of colors. The most popular are green, red and orange. But you will find yellow, white and even lavender peppers. Did you know bell peppers are called sweet peppers because they don’t have the heat index of their chili cousins? Another fun fact is a dried and powdered bell pepper is called paprika!  Who knew?! Bell peppers are a great source of Vitamin C. “A medium bell pepper contains 169% of the RDA’s Vitamin C “!  Higher than citrus!  They also contain potassium, folate and vitamins E, A & B6.  They are loaded with antioxidants!

A bell pepper is a tasty, healthy treat whether eaten raw in salad or crudite.  Saute with onions and add to a whole wheat roll atop a fresh tomato or your favorite whole grain pasta or brown rice.

Here’s a quick recipe I like with bell peppers.

Rainbow Pepper salad
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Rainbow Pepper salad
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Recipe Notes

Slice the tops and bottoms off the the peppers.  Cut into quarters and remove all seeds and membranes.  Slice into 1/4 inch strips.  Place all pepper slices into a bowl and add sliced red onion.

Make the dressing.  In a small mason jar, add the extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil or other herbs and shake well.  Pour over the peppers, add the salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

Serves 2

Now is the perfect time to start eating fresher, foods as summer is upon us.  I’ve included a link from Dr. Axe below on the benefits of bell peppers. A great read.

If you’d like to start making healthy food choices but need a little help, contact me today. We can set up a free consultation and put your best coaching program together.  Whether pantry makeover, smart shopping, recipe redo or a cooking lesson, we can put your best program together for your needs and healthy goals!





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