Let’s Get Cooking.. Fresh Corn, golden nuggets of yum…6-11-18

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Let’s Get Cooking..  Fresh Corn, golden nuggets of yum…6-11-18

What’s the first thing you think of when you see an fresh ear of corn?  Summer!  Not much else screams “it’s summer” at you quite like an ear of golden nugget goodness.  No matter how you eat it, it’s a delicious treat that’s got some great health benefits too.

As today, 6/11/18 is National Corn on the Cob today, I thought I’d salute our yellow friend with it’s own blog post!

This time of year we are seeing more and more fresh ears of corn at our local farm stores and farmer’s markets.  As with all fresh food, using corn as soon as  you can after purchase is best for the most flavor.  Here’s a bit of nutrient info on the lovely ear of corn:

Fresh corn is gluten free, it contains ferulic acid which may help to contribute to cancer prevention, B complex vitamins, iron and copper!  If you’re not sure where your local farmer’s markets are, I’ve attached my 4/18 blog post with a link to ones in your area!

So how do you like your corn? My guess the most popular ways are boiled and grilled.  Both delicious option to get your corn on!  I like to boil fresh ears for my homemade green corn tamales and add into salads, vegetarian tacos and black bean-recipe to follow.

When storing your ears of corn, be sure to keep it in the husk if you don’t use it that day in the refrigerator.  Some early corn has higher levels of natural sugar so be aware if you have sugar intake issues.

No matter how you make it, corn is going to taste great. Here’s my black bean/corn salad. If you’d like more ideas to make corn your own and some purchase tips, contact me to set up a smart shopping/cooking demo program.  Let’s get our corn on early and all summer long!  🙂


Black Bean Salad

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

Serves 2



Let’s Get Cookin! Fresh foods at the farmer’ markets! 4-11-18



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